About Eastpower

  Ningbo Eastpower Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 in Ningbo, China. Our headquarter is located at Ningbo South CBD, with two production bases located in Ninghai and Shenzhen. We are dedicated to designing and producing high quality cycling lights for cyclers worldwide. Eastpower is now a key player in the bicycle lights industry due to its durable quality, on-time delivery and unique design.
  Eastpower’s professional team thoroughly tests each product to its limits, in order to produce the best products for our customers. We understand quality speaks the most, so we have been paying special attention to quality and durability of our products since we were founded. We have strict and advanced quality control system for quality control of our products. And, after-sales services are our greatest advantage, because we take our customers feedbacks seriously. We know Customers feedbacks help us improve. 
  We ourselves are cyclists too, so we know what cyclers care the most. We are always brainstorming new designs to make night riding safer and brighter for all. We are keen to work with you to provide excellent products and services to cyclers worldwide.